At that moment I knew I was screwed.

I was sitting in a hot room full of students. It was summertime but no-one around me was having fun.

The exam was not that hard. I knew my stuff.

There was another, bigger problem. You see, there were 2 professors teaching that course. They were both present in that room. The exam consisted of 2 parts, and you had to go to the correct professor with the correct part to do the oral exam.

For most people, this is a trivial task. I, however, did not attend any of the classes. I did not recognise their faces.

When it was my turn, I slowly got up and took a guess. I sat down, looked him in the eyes and gave him my scribbled notes. He looked at me, looked at the notes, then back at me.

Yeah, I took the wrong guess. I failed his class. Luckily the other half made up for it.

My point being: I knew my stuff. I studied the course material. I should not have failed that class. But this professor (together with his hurt ego) went above and beyond to fail me.

This is a dumb example, but I’m fully convinced grading is subjective. Hell, I’m convinced business is subjective.

If you are likeable, you will get better business deals, better grades, better treatment.

Make friends đŸ™‚