We are all specks on an infinite 4D spacetime continuum. It’s hard for us to grasp “time”. Our senses are primitive, our memories vague. Our brains are constantly fooling us, fabricating stories to make sense of the world around us.

To make matters worse, most of our habits do not result in immediate, noticeable changes.

Life would be so much easier if going to the gym for a week would result in a perfect beach body.

“Oh boy, I’ve gotten fat again, let me hit the gym real quick”

“Shit, smoked a cigarette. Immediate cancer.”


If you zoom in close enough on exp(x), it resembles a linear function everywhere you look:


We live our lives “zoomed in”. We only ever see the linear function.

Not surprising then that our intuition fails us. We overestimate what we can do in a week and we underestimate what we can do in a year.

In our linear way of thinking, we assume a year’s worth of results consists of 52 individual weeks’ worth of results, while in fact it’s much, much more.

We extrapolate based on a tiny amount of data and get disillusioned and quit before any of the real growth shows.

That’s the funny thing. Success slowly creeps up on you if you’re consistent. You look back after 10 years and everything’s changed.

Oh and by the way, compound growth is applicable to everything in life:

  • Consistently caring about your relationships will grow you a rich social network even though no-one will notice at first.
  • Consistently saving money will set you up for life, even though the saved amount seems negligible for the first few years
  • Consistently neglecting your health will fuck you up in the long run, even though you seem invincible for a long, long time.

Look at the net worth of Buffett. He was by no means a poor bastard at age 47, but you can hardly even see the bar on the bar chart at that age! 67M is nothing compared to 58.5B!