Shit just got real.

In my last blog post I was talking about how I couldn’t find a way to lower the CPC (cost per click) of the Facebook and Google ads, that they were too expensive etc.

So I decided to abandon the idea of selling stuff and I went back to the free, crowdsourced version.

I was in the middle of implementing a login system in Flask until suddenly a notification popped up on my phone:

Someone decided to buy the most expensive option on the site!

My immediate thought was “oh crap, now I gotta deliver”.

I promised to send them an email with trends & insights 2 times per week.

My thought process was: “It’s not worth it for just one person but if more and more people sign up then it becomes easier and easier”.

Also, I do not have a lot of data yet. I will have to be a bit resourceful at first. But then again, a lot of entrepreneurs start out this way. Fake it til you make it.

Another problem: I emailed this person twice and she hasn’t responded yet.

Ok, anyway, I’m going to start collecting data. I’ll set up a new crowdsourcing system.

VISION: fully automated system with a HypeWatcher dashboard where you can add trends. You get paid a small amount of money (more if you are good at predicting trends – built into the algorithm). Media & marketing companies will want this data and will pay for it. They’ll get access to an API. Different from traditional marketing companies, focus on crowdsourced data and on data mining. I’ll send personal emails that contain a story (not just data). They’ll be authentic and funny and high quality.

What I did in the last few days:

  • Added Facebook pixel
  • Added retargeting audience (people who went to the website in the last 30 days will be shown an ad on Facebook)
  • Played around with the ads, I now seem to get consistent clicks for about $0.2 on Google.
  • Added a “Not convinced yet? I’ll send you a report for free” section at the bottom of the page and in a popup (only appears on exit intent).
  • Collected 5 email addresses so far
  • Built a system to track how far people scroll down the page and which buttons they click + a small dashboard so I can easily see which users are converting and what the funnel looks like. My goal is to figure out where most users drop off and improve that section
  • the website is now versioned so I can track all kinds of metrics per version. If I build a new version I can see if emails collected / views or sales / views conversion rate goes down or up.


$49.99 MRR. Still $1950.01 to go 🤷‍♂️