I learned a lot about making web apps in the last 7 days.

I learned about Python, Flask, Mysql, Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap, css, html, responsive design, etc.

Building stuff is fun. Now the hard part starts. I need to make sure I didn’t “waste” another week creating something no-one uses.

Tomorrow I’ll start promoting the site. The plan:

  • Add some more content to the site by asking my friends to help a bit
  • Create a press kit and think of an angle/story
  • Cold email / tweet some peeps from this list: https://submit.co/
  • personal Facebook / Twitter – ask people to share
  • asking “influencers” on Twitter to have a look
  • Submit to Product Hunt ?
  • Submit to Hackernews?
  • Post to some relevant subreddits


If you have a minute, please take a look and add some things you’re hyped about right now!


And even more importantly, let me know how I can improve the site!

Thanks so much 🤓