Let me start off by showing this graph:

I have a grand total of 5 users on the app. Including: myself, a good friend and my brother.

Yesterday I posted on Reddit’s /r/seduction community thinking they would be appreciative of my marvellous idea. Instead, the post got deleted immediately. I suspect some keywords like “app” or “free” triggered the auto removal bot. Or a moderator just didn’t like it.

Then I decided to post the app to Hackernews’s Show HN page, even though I already suspected it had a very low chance of success. As expected:

By now I was getting a bit anxious. I was aware people wouldn’t just jump on it and start using it straight away, but I couldn’t even find one single user to at least get some feedback?

Then I thought: OK, I’ll type “Tinder help” or “text game” in Google and contact the top sites to ask if I could do a guest post on their blog. Or I could start a blog about it and work my way to the top with quality content. Or….

And then it hit me: I don’t want to do any of those things. I don’t want to write about text game. Like any other young, single guy, I had read “The Game” a few years ago. But I quickly grew to hate the whole “pick up artist” community and everything related to it.

I’m not even single anymore and I have no need to use apps like Tinder. Why then am I making an app for this community? Answer: I thought it would be a quick win. I thought I could provide value relatively quickly.

Now, I’m aware I didn’t even really talk to any users or even potential users. For all I know the app might be a runaway success once it gets in the hands of the people that actually need it. But I don’t really see a quick way to do that. (Except, I now suddenly realise I didn’t even talk to my single friends about whether they would use something like this?? What the hell!?)

At this point, I was like, OK, whatever. I’m going to tell people on Reddit’s /r/entrepreneur about this challenge of getting to $0 to $2k MRR by New Year’s eve. I need some motivation.

The most upvoted reply was this:


I know it’s the wrong order. That’s on purpose. I’m setting a challenge for myself to get out of my comfort zone and actually build something.

Last time I did things in the “correct order”, I had an idea I really, really, really wanted to build and I wasn’t even thinking about the money at all. But now I don’t have an idea like that. What am I supposed to do, sit on my ass and wait for ideas to magically fall from the sky? I’m motivated by proving people wrong. I’m motivated by working towards a goal. It might be stupid, but…

Then again, I have no clue whether it will work or not, and right now it looks like it won’t. So I’ll keep you posted.

I ended up watching “inspirational Youtube videos” all night.  (OK this one‘s actually pretty good).