I woke up this morning thinking “This is either going to be a complete train wreck… or it will change my life”.

As a wake up call, there’s nothing better than seeing your bank account slowly dwindle.

The math is easy. I currently have zero income and non-zero expenses, which means I’m losing money.

Sure, I could solve this problem relatively easily by getting a job or a freelance gig, but I have a slightly more complicated (and ambitious) plan in mind.

I want to go from zero income to $2000 MRR (monthly recurring revenue) in just under 3 months by launching a product or Saas business.

I realize there’s a fairly high chance I’ll fail because this is not a trivial task. I will have to quickly come up with ideas, validate them, prototype them, ask people to pay, iterate on user feedback and hopefully get traction.

So to summarize: right now – $0 MRR -> by New Year’s eve – hopefully $2000 MRR

I will document my journey on this blog. First task: create a new app in a few hours. My new motto: SHIP OR DIE.

Wish me luck 🙂