Ok so, I was trying to find a new business idea.

Made a list of about 30 ideas and tried validating them using Facebook ads.

No luck.

Then my business partner comes up with a good idea. His oncologist friend says there’s a gap in the market.

I look up the oncology department of a famous hospital. The whole list of email addresses is published on their website. Easy peasy.

Completely unaware of how big these people are in their field, I send this email to everyone on that list:


I get 4 replies out of 13 emails. Not bad 🤔

One of them is this:

My business partner’s friend says we didn’t explain the idea well enough. He says the way I explained it is trivial and everyone already does this. So I send a new email:



I’m thinking: this explains the idea well. It is something that would potentially be extremely useful for oncologists. I’m expecting a positive answer, or at least an explanation of why this would be a bad idea.


He replies:


Lessons learned:

  • Make it very clear that you are not selling anything. You just want some info
  • Keep the email brief and to the point, but make sure you explain the idea well
  • Doctors are busy people 🙁


PS From the other replies I later learned that big, well funded hospitals already have proprietary, custom built software that does all of this. Smaller hospitals still do this by hand. Still not sure if worth it.