This morning I made a mistake. I got up and indulged in croissants and orange juice. Then in the afternoon I went out to buy some sweets. Now I feel like a bloated mess.

In writing as in life, it’s better to remove than to add.

Most sentences in most books are useless. They do not push the story forward. Filler. Just like most things we eat. Dense white bread. High fructose corn syrup. Pure carbs without any protein, vitamins, fiber, minerals or fat. Words devoid of meaning.

A rule in writing says a full book is around 60.000 words. I disagree. Of the hundreds of books I’ve read in my life, there were probably only 10 that truly kept me fascinated throughout. 99% of all books are shit, and the reason is simple: most points can be made in way less than 60.000 words. Most books should be articles, and most articles should be paragraphs.

Here’s a rule: don’t write fluff.