It’s been a while. Sorry for that.

I filmed the third challenge more than a week ago, and I wasn’t happy with how it turned out. The challenge is not especially funny, it doesn’t look spectacular at all and a lot of things went wrong while filming. For example, discovering that our cameraman didn’t press the “record” button on the best reaction we had gotten all day, or the microphone deciding to stop working.

However, I edited it as best as I could and I will show it to you guys anyways. Because it’s about finishing things and getting better along the way. It’s not about perfection.

This challenge is very easy in theory:

  • Go walk or stand next to some people.
  • Say “Marco”.
  • Keep repeating “Marco” until they either say something (preferably “Polo” or “I’m not Marco”) or until they walk away.


The hard part of this challenge is the fact that other people will think you’re a nutcase. They will look at you like you’re some kind of disease they want to get rid of as fast as possible. They will start walking just a little bit faster, or they will ignore you completely. It’s funny, they know you’re standing there talking to them. They literally see you say “Marco” to them repeatedly. There’s no-one else around. But still they choose to completely ignore the situation. Because the situation doesn’t make any sense. People don’t go up to people saying “Marco” repeatedly.

This one’s more difficult than the previous two challenges because now you have to talk to people, and in a very uncomfortable, awkward way. The hugging challenge was okay, because in a weird way it made sense. Everyone most people like to be hugged. And the lying on the ground challenge was awkward, but at least you didn’t have to communicate.


Rules Of The Challenge

  • You have to talk to people you don’t know.
  • “Marco” has to be clearly audible.
  • Keep trying until someone says “Polo” or until you feel very comfortable doing this.
  • EASY VERSION: Act as if you really think this person you’re talking to is called Marco. “Marco?”


You will probably feel like it’s not worth it. You will rationalize the urge to not do the challenge. You’ll say to yourself “I don’t need this challenge, it will not teach me anything, I will get beaten up by tough people, people will think I’m crazy, I’ll accidentally say Marco to somone I know and it’ll be really awkward, I don’t have enough confidence to do this, this is only for people who have already done the previous two challenges, this is not the right moment, I’ll wait until tomorrow”. These are all excuses. Yes, people will look at you in a funny way. That’s kind of the point.

Stop this thought process, go out and just fucking do it. The adrenaline rush and sense of relief you’ll feel when you finally just did it will be indescribable.


Me Doing The Challenge

A friend of mine, Vincent, helped me with this one. I was kind of nervous at first, but in the end it actually became kind of fun, especially when you’re with two and you can really play Marco Polo.



Lessons Learned


  • Smiling goes a long way. No-one will kick your ass if you’re friendly, even though you’re doing stupid shit.
  • When people are uncomfortable, their “fight or flight” reflex kicks in and they try to get away as fast as possible or they act as if nothing is happening. The eye twitching is pretty clear though.
  • Make sure the “record” button is pressed.
  • I don’t know if people in Belgium are familiar with this Marco Polo game. Only one person actually responded with “Polo”.


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Go out and make it happen 🙂 Now is the perfect moment! Good luck.