So, apparently this is also the title of a book about procrastination. Well, I’m using it anyway, I came up with it independently (and the book sucks).

This post is not about procrastination. It’s about me deciding to go lie on the couch watching Mythbusters instead of writing a new blog article. Because fuck it, my last blog post made it to the front page of Reddit (the worst reason ever to procrastinate). It’s about consuming versus creating. It’s about that vague feeling in your stomach which tells you time is slowly sipping away while you are doing fuck all with your life, going out, partying, watching series about other people’s lifes instead of living your own (Classic Schmosby).

What keeps you going is Hope. Hope that tomorrow will be different. That tomorrow, you will cross off everything on your to do list. Oh tomorrow, that magical point in time.

You see, I’ve been reading about personal development since I was 17. I really do believe I am special, that I will achieve a lot more than the average person. A lot of people believe this about themselves. Some grow out of it when they reach a certain age. They notice reality is not up to par with their dreams and they adjust their dreams accordingly. They settle. Others, like me, keep dreaming.

There’s no problem with having big aspirations, big dreams of becoming a better you, an awe-inspiring person everyone looks up to. But there is a catch. The whole personal development mantra is about you being able to change your destiny, about shaping a better you. The problem lies in the fact that if changing yourself today is possible, it will still be possible tomorrow. So there’s no rush, no urgency. And this is a huge problem. Because there is a rush. The years fly by and before you know it you’re in your fourties looking back at a blank, boring life without thrill. BE CONSCIOUS all the fucking time. Think about your life and how you want to look back on it when you’re lying on your death bed. Don’t settle ever (but do take some time off – it’s perfectly okay to relax and just take a break and lie in front of the tv one night a week. Being inside your own head all the time is not good, Practice meditation and try to just be pleased with the now. Yes, I know how hard this is. Yes, I suck at meditation. Yes, I do realize being in the now and being conscious about your future at the same time is a huge contradiction. Deal with it. Life’s full of these contradictions.)


Realize there are a LOT of people on this earth. Like, unimaginably many people. And a whole lot of them will never do anything with their life. They won’t be remembered. They might have some fun, find a decent significant other, have a kid or two and live a mediocre life. Or they might become addicted to drugs or alcohol and end up in jail – or worse. Others might become rather successful with a decent job.

And then there are the exceptions. The ones who make do with their given skills – even though they suck at a lot of stuff – and who become incredibly wealthy, popular and successful. What distinguishes these people? Luck certainly plays a big role. Upbringing maybe. Friends. Intelligence. But not really. The most important thing is how these people perceive the world and themselves. How they react when bad things happen. They’re the ones who just keep going. Those who move quickly, fail and try again.

There’s a word for these kinds of people. Go-getters. If they want something, they act immediately, without hesitation. They Default to Action. They take initative. They don’t wait until tomorrow because they realize their time here is limited. They don’t wait for approval from others. Because you know what? You don’t fucking need approval. You can just start. They don’t wait for a sign from God. God won’t give you a sign because he doesn’t care or doesn’t exist (you choose).

I had a lot of reservations about starting a blog with such a douchy title. What if people don’t like it? (I stop writing) What if people send me hate mail? (I read it and move on with my life) What if I lose motivation? (Refresh motivation or start a new project). The point is, people won’t ever tell you what your next step should be (and if they do, they’ll rarely get it right). After childhood, you have to figure all of that out on your own and just start doing something. You’ll get it right eventually. So here’s me, writing a blog post, taking baby steps to a better future and a more initiative-minded me. Maybe this whole project will bomb, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take.

Luckily, this whole go-getter mentality can be learned. Heck, I’m learning it right now.

My son asked me last night why I didn’t stop being a lawyer and write for a living – which was my “dream” in college. I felt he was too young for the real answer: “Because your dad was a coward.” It’s moments like that in your later years that really ram home the consequences of the choices you make. – Anon