Hey guys, I have a very easy assignment for you this week:

You want to know what a certain person thinks of you?

Just follow this easy (scientifically correct) graph:


Seriously though, there’s more truth to this than you might originally suspect.

If you want to come off as a pathetic loser, make sure you spend a LOT of time stalking the people you want to befriend. Pitfall: make sure they don’t ever see you talking to someone else. This might actually count as social proof and get them to think you’re not that into them.

If, however, you want to become the Nr. One Asshole in the world, show a lot of power and act as if you’ve got it all, but try not to talk to the people you’d like to think of you as a jerk. And certainly never ever show compassion or interest. Defend your viewpoints to the death. Be stronger than anyone else. And if anyone tries to prove you wrong, headbutt them to the ground.

See how easy it is to become Mr. Awesome now? Just get your power/attention ratio in balance guys 🙂