I see why so many bloggers quit blogging. It’s because their writing sucks, they get no feedback and the initial motivation boost disappears even faster than Facebook when Mark Zuckerberg decides to start charging for his ‘services’.

Alternatively, they’re brilliant writers who just don’t have a clue on how to promote their blog.

Everything’s set, you’re ready to go and then you realise no-one knows about you or your blog.

Then you go searching for the keywords ‘promoting your blog’ and you get all these bullshit tips like Use Twitter or Participate In Blog Carnivals or Start A Second Blog And Link To Yourself.


I’m sure I can do better.

1) Write with a fierce passion, about something you care deeply about. If you don’t like writing it, people won’t like reading it.

2) If after a few months of dedicated writing your blog still looks like an Indian beach after someone yelled ‘Tsunami’, change your approach.

3) Ask fellow bloggers if you can guestpost and/or share links. And with fellow bloggers, I do not mean the top bloggers of your niche. I mean the bloggers who get slightly more visitors than you.

4) Don’t be a douchebag. Create real value and promote it the right way and you’ll get rich. Trying to scam people into believing that your content is valuable doesn’t work. Believe me.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know. Still easier to get comfortable in front of the tv and watch Lost, isn’t it?