There are millions of blogs out there with pretty much the same content as this one. What the hell am I trying to do? Do I want to get rich by blogging? Do I want to earn passive income? Is it the promise of fame and fortune?

You might argue that partly, yes, it is. I do want to get famous. I do want 150000+ people who read my blog via an RSS feed daily. I do want thousands of people following me on Twitter. I am curious what it feels like to get a hit on Digg. I wouldn’t say no to some blogging dollars.

But the truth is: I know this is only possible if you’re a very good writer. If you know how to play the audience. If you are a marketing GOD.

Then why the hell do I do this?

The answer, surprisingly simple, is that I BELIEVE that one day, I will be the most awesome writer in all of humanity. I will know how to fuck with my audiences mind 😉

I believe that it’s the mix of good writing skills, humour and the fresh distillation and combination of old ideas that will make this one of the best blogs ever.

Because of one thing I am sure:

Every thing has been done before. Every word has been said before. But not with MY creative juices mixed in it 😉

Better start believing.