This is common sense, but it’s easy to forget when you’re in narcissistic mode (you know, that day of the year when you are awesome, when all of humanity but you is complete crap, when you love yourself to death, when you say to yourself in the mirror God I’m Gorgeous.)

There are four possible ways of behaving towards other people: as if you both suck, as if you are the best and the other guy sucks, as if you are the loser and everyone else is great and as if everyone (including you) is great.

Obviously, the last option is the best. “I Am Great, But Everyone Else Is Too” is the best way to relate to other people.

Recently I met a great guy in Serbia. He was the organiser of a big event, and he had a LOT of responsibilities. He looked very tough. In fact, he looked like the kind of wanker that wouldn’t want to have anything to do with anyone who’s less cool than him. In reality though, he was one of the greatest guys I had ever met. He talked to EVERYONE. He had this weird, unexpected sensitive side, too. He LIKED everyone. He was important, but he made you feel important, too.

These are the kind of people we like.

Try to be one of them.