And you know what? I fucking LOVE it!

Being an extreme version of myself, bringing out all my quirks…

It’s my best decision yet.

Since I started a blog about personal development, since I publicly speak about every weird thing I did, since I joined Toastmasters and started telling everyone about it, …

People think I’m a weirdo.

But they like me. And they think I’m funny.

Be different. Stand out. Even if that means people might not like you.

if you have the guts to be hated, people will LOVE you.

In a country/environment where people start laughing when I tell them I blog about personal growth, where people ask me ‘what the hell is it and why would anyone need it?’ if I tell them about Toastmasters, where my friends make fun of me because I tell them I will make a full income online, …

They think I’m crazy. And yet they’re intrigued.