The instant people come to your website, they form an opinion about your writing. NOT based on your writing, but on how many subscribers you have, on how many comments you get on your posts and on the general layout of your website.

All these things tell people if OTHER people like your website. If other people like it, chances are THEY’LL LIKE IT TOO. Well, at least that’s what’s going on in most people’s minds unconsciously.

So basically, SUCCESS actually creates MORE success.

People who are successful get MORE things done, just because they GOT THINGS DONE IN THE PAST.

It actually makes sense if you think about it.


SO, by all means, if you are trying to make your website popular, SHOW OFF your site statistics as much as you can if they’re any good.


There are people on the Internet who make A LOT of money JUST by TELLING OTHER PEOPLE HOW MUCH MONEY THEY MAKE.

Just to show you that I’m not lying.